National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre

About Us

Mission & Objective


To provide lawful communication interception facilities to the empowered agencies and to assist appropriate authority with communication intelligence as ordered by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


  1. To establish national level lawful interception platform for all kinds of electronic communications as directed by the government.

  2. To provide arrangements for monitoring of electronic media in own supervision by the organizations which are authorized by the government.

  3. To assist appropriate authorities in collecting and collating communication intelligence as ordered by the government

  4.  To ensure 24/7 operations and maintenance of LI system.

  5. To ensure proper training for the manpower of NTMC and  all law enforcement and intelligence agencies related to NTMC.

  6. To maintain consistency of Bangladesh's interception system with current and future technologies by continuously pursuing the entire research and development activities of the communications and information technology and simultaneously integrating all the technologies of NTMC.

  7. To maintain lawful interception activities with continuous communication and coordination with concerned ministry, BTRC, law enforcement and intelligence agencies.