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Chief of Army Staff visited all the activities of NTMC

Today on 4th December'2019, Honerable Chief of Army Staff came to Visit NTMC. During the visit, he observed all the activities of NTMC and was impressed with the unprecedented development of this organization. At that time Director, NTMC and other senior officials of the Bangladesh Army Headquarters were present. After the inspection, the army chief said that through proper use of these highly dependent technology of NTMC's system are able to provide many reliable services to the Law enforcement agencies and the people of Bangladesh. Finally, he wished the success and the overall improvement of the NTMC. 

  • 04 December 2019

Technological misuse increased due to fast and uncontrolled flow of information- Bri General Ziaul Ahsan

Law enforcement agencies follow different strategies to gather intelligence on the perpetrators including war criminals, listed terrorists, militants, and drug peddlers.After thorough revise, reports from grassroots are forwarded to the Police Headquarters' (HQ) Crime Management branch for documentation.

In addition to police's different units, the NTMC, too, carries out duty to prevent misuse of technology.
“Technological misuse has been increased due to fast and uncontrolled flow of information," said Brigadier General Ziaul Ahsan.
"The NTMC's platforms are used to provide law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies including National Security Intelligence with information and technological assistant on terrorists,” said Ahsan, who heads the NTMC.

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  • 02 November 2019

ACC is obtaining information on corruption through NTMC

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has launched mobile tracking to secretly search for government officials involved in bribery and corruption, to identify their movements and locations. 

According to sources, ACC has already collected corruption data of many government officials and non-government personnels through surveillance and mobile tracking.

The list includes the names of at least fifty people, some of whom are representatives of the public, two UNOs, a controversial deputy commissioner, a dozen subregistrars, some secretarial staffs. There are also several cycles of misappropriation of job candidates in the name of job hiring.
It is reported that with the help of National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC), the ACC is conducting the entire work. 
Information source- Daily Jugantar
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  • 10 September 2019

ACC is doing phone surveillance with the help of NTMC

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has started raiding the suspects' phones. The agency has also received information on corruption of more than two hundred people through the sources of phone calls. In addition, several officers themselves are under surveillance.
The Anti-Corruption Commission had to rely on intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies to monitor suspected corrupt phones, monitor activities and locate the accused.
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  • 09 September 2019

Cyber-attacks are not just about financial necessity or stealing information: Brig. Gen Ziaul Ahsan

State Minister for ICT Division Zunaid Ahmed Palak made the announcement at a seminar styled “Growing Cyber Threats around the World and Preparedness for Bangladesh” held at Multipurpose Hall of the academic complex of MIST on Sunday (August 4). The seminar is jointly arranged by Armed Forces Division (AFD) and Department of CSE, MIST.

In this seminar Dr Syed Munir Khasru, chairman IPAG, Brig Gen Ziaul Ahsan, BPM (BAM), PPM (BAR), Director, NTMC, Engineer Tarique Barkatullah, Director Natioanl Data Center joined the panel discussion.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Ziaul Ahsan said that cyber-attacks are not just about financial necessity or stealing information. Rather, a corporation chooses cyber-attacks to incite the general public to gain their own interests. About 25 percent of the Facebook IDs in Bangladesh are fake IDs.Through which propaganda is carried out. We have to be careful about this.

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  • 05 August 2019

ACC found the authenticity of audio record after having the forensic report from NTMC

After having thorogh examination NTMC (National Telecommunication Monitoring Center) forensic team presented the confirmation result of the audio record of bribe transactions between DIG Mizan and ACC director Enamul Basir on Tuesday afternoon to a ACC (Anti-corruption commision) team led by ACC chairman Iqbal Mahmud. 

  • 26 June 2019

Fake ACC officer arrested in a joint operation by RAB and NTMC

In connection with the ACC's complaint, RAB-2 and the National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC), both conducted a joint operation where a fake Anti Corruption Commision officer Najma (real name Raju Mia) was arrested.

Likewise, on Feb 2, in connection with the alleged involvement of the detective unit, RAB-2 and NTMC jointly conducted a operation where so called ACC officer Sirajul Islam orfe Haji Jahirul Huda (the real name Anisur Rahman Babul) was arrested from Hazaribagh area of ​​Dhaka.

The ACC further said, bringing the Deceivers under the law is a complex process which the Commission operates relentlessly. However, there is no alternative to the awareness of the concerned people.
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  • 25 June 2019

Police Cyber Center unit will be launched soon

  • 25 June 2019

Bangabandhu satellite set to connect local TVs, ATMs

Alongside providing feed to local television channels (TVs), Bangabandhu satellite-I (BS-I) is set to connect automated teller machines (ATM) to offer uninterrupted and secured banking services, said officials. They said isolated parts of the country are also going to be connected with internet services using the bandwidth of the country’s first geostationary communication satellite which would complete one year of its launching on May 12.
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Ref: The Independent BD

  • 27 April 2019

Countrywide highest level of raid to catch Drug Lords

  • 26 April 2019

Cyber world is not beyond our surveillance, but still we're in highest alert- Brig. Gen Ziaul Ahsan

Bangladesh has warned since the horrific terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka's church and elite hotel. The highest safety preparedness of all types is given in mind. All the ranges of the police headquarters, metropolitan police and district have been sent to the special message from the police headquarters. RAB headquarters also warned all their battalions. On the other hand, a list of people who participated in so-called militant activities in Bangladesh, including Syria, could not return to the country, has been sent to all the airports, land and seaports of the country.
Brigadier General Ziaul Ahsan, director of National Telecommunication and Monitoring Center, said, "Cyber world is not beyond our surveillance. We do not want to think that someone will be able to do anything beyond our surveillance. But still. "
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  • 25 April 2019

NTMC will soon be able to block anti-govt propaganda

The National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre (NTMC) will soon be able to block and filter anti-government propaganda and other content to be used for criminal activities on the internet.

Officials at NTMC yesterday said a “Content Blocking and Filtering System” is now being implemented.

The NTMC made the disclosure during the visit of Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan and chiefs of different law enforcement and intelligence agencies. 

NTMC, which began its operation on January 1, 2017, has been monitoring all telecommunication service providers round the clock. Besides, work is on to implement Integrated Lawful Interception System (ILIS), the officials added.

NTMC, with the help of Facebook authorities, has closed 1,479 fake Facebook IDs, including 752 which were operating under the name of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and 141 used for militant activities.
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  • 21 February 2019

Along with Hon'ble Home Minister, all the law enforcement and investigating agencies's head visited NTMC

On 20th February 2019, along with Honorable Home Minister Asadduzzaman Khan Kamal, Secretary to the Department of Public Security and Secretaries to the other related ministries, Heads of all the law enforcing agencies and intelligence agencies of Bangladesh, had visited National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC). 

During the visit a meeting was held in this regard between several law enforcement and intelligence agencies with Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal in the chair, at NTMC office.

In order to ensure the security of the country, NTMC Director, Brig Gen Ziaul Ahsan had briefed on the current activities of NTMC and the future plans in the meeting. Regarding the current activities, he informed that about two thousand fake Facebook IDs, pages and web sites were closed before and after the national election. 

NTMC Director also said: “If a local police station is directly  deals with Facebook concerning a fake Facebook ID, it is not fruitful. By sending us the information instead, we can act on their behalf in a centralized way.”


  • 20 February 2019

NTMC to develop a central data hub

The National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre (NTMC) is seeking to bring all the information of government and non-governmental organizations, and telecommunication service providers, on a single platform.A meeting was held in this regard between several law enforcement and intelligence agencies with Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal in the chair, held at NTMC office in Tejgaon, Dhaka, on Wednesday.
Asaduzzaman Khan, after the meeting, said: “In this era of information technology, people are misusing digital media to commit crimes. At today’s meeting, we discussed the necessary tools required for the smooth functioning of the organization.”

NTMC Director, Brig Gen Ziaul Ahsan, said: “If a local police station is directly in touch with Facebook concerning a fake Facebook ID, it is not fruitful. By sending us the information instead, we can act on their behalf in a centralized way.”

When asked about phone leaks earlier in the election, he said: “NTMC did not have any involvement in those.”

When asked if the organization will record cell phone conversations of all citizens from now on, and how will the inf ...

  • 20 February 2019

Telecom Monitoring Centre ‘to be strengthened for public security’

The government has decided to strengthen the National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre (NTMC) to help it play a significant role in protecting the security of the country and its people.

The decision came from a meeting on Wednesday at the NTMC office in the city, which was attended by top officials of law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Bangladesh set up the NTMC in 2013 under the Home Ministry as part of building digital Bangladesh, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan told reporters.

He said various issues were discussed at the meeting. “We’ve decided to strengthen NTMC’s logistics and manpower.” 

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  • 20 February 2019

NTMC blocks 752 Facebook IDs named after Hon'ble PM

NTMC Director Brig Gen Ziaul Ahsan on Thursday said a vested quarter has been actively circulating rumours and propaganda on social media, with the aim of tarnishing the image of the governmentThe government has blocked at least 752 Facebook IDs and 1,332 pages that were opened using the name of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reportedly to tarnish the image of the government.

  • 07 February 2019

Registration of Hajj pilgrims will be verified from NTMC- Brig. Gen. Ziaul Ahsan

On November 13, the National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC) and Home Ministry's Security Services Division signed a bilateral agreement with the Ministry of Religions to ease the verfication of passports of pilgrims. In this case NTMC will be used as a central hub. Through the Middle Server set up at NTMC, the Ministry of Religions will be able to collect the necessary information of passport within a short period of time. It will be easier to verify the passport and visa process at the earliest time. Also, Hajj pilgrims registration with false information process can be easily identified.
Brigadier General Ziaul Ahsan, director of the National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC) said, Registration of Hajj pilgrims will be verified from NTMC.
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  • 31 January 2019

Director, NTMC congratulated Hon'ble PM on her landslide victory in 11th National Election

Brigadier General Ziaul Ahsan, Director, NTMC have congratulated Honerable Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina over the unprecedented third consecutive term in office she won in the 11th parliamentary election.  
The prime minister also exchanged New Year’s greetings and described the election win as another ‘big victory’ in the Victory Month of December. 

She said, "Bangladesh will be a non-communal spirit Bangladesh.
 There will be no place for war criminals, terrorism, militancy, drugs, corrupt people.

"We can fulfill the dreams of the Father of the Nation by building Bangladesh as a prosperous golden country."

  • 02 January 2019

Social media to be monitored by NTMC and other concern organizations

The Election Commission has ordered the social media to be monitored for 24 hours to prevent 'rumors, propaganda and conspiracy' in front of the polls. After the meeting with the telecommunications sector regulator BTRC and the National Telecommunication Monitoring Center on Monday, EC Secretary Helaluddin Ahmad told the information.
He said, "Using social media, including Facebook to question or debug propaganda, rumors, elections, voted 24 hours for the concerned organization."
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  • 26 November 2018

Bilateral meeting held with Grameenphone's Chief Executive on content blocking and filtering

To attend a bilateral meeting on content blocking and filtering Grameenphone Chief Executive Michael Folly met with the director, NTMC Brigedier general Ziaul Ahsan  today on 14 November2018. 

Taking advantage of the rapid development of worldwide communication technology country's security system may be threatened due to its extreme misuse and to stop this NTMC has taken a program on Content blocking and filtering in various communication network. 

In this program, due to the active participation of the mobile operators is needed, a bilateral meeting between Grameenphone's Chief Executive and the Director, NTMC was held in the NTMC premises. 

  • 14 November 2018

Principal Secretary to HPM and other secretaries visits NTMC

  • 07 November 2018

Hon'ble Secretary of the Public Security Division of the MOHA Mostafa Kamal Uddin visits NTMC

Honorable Secretary of the Department of Public Safety, Mustafa Kamal Uddin visited NTMC today on 29th October, 2018. During the visit, he observed all the activities of NTMC and was impressed with the unprecedented development of this organization.  At that time Director, NTMC and other senior officials of the Home Ministry were present. After the inspection the Secretary appreciated NTMC's commitment and effort for the nation and wishes it's all-round success.

  • 30 October 2018

Hon'ble Prime Minister launches MNP service

Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday inaugurated the number portability (MNP) services formally for users, who are willing to switch to another operator without changing their existing numbers. The premier inaugurated the service at a function at her official Ganabhaban residence in the capital.  Post, Telecom and ICT Minister Mustafa Jabbar and State Minister to ICT Division Zunaid Ahmed Palak, among others, attended the program.
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  • 21 October 2018

Discussion Session held with Newseum Vice president HE Barbara McCormack in the NTMC Premises

In the recent times to get political benefits there are huge amount of rumors and false information spreading in the social medias specially in the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube by a specific group of people. Due to that we've obserbved some movements were happened recently. National Telecommunication Monitoring Center(NTMC) always concern on this issue.
Keeping freedom of expression intact how to stop spreading rumours and fake contents in the social medias, NTMC arranged an extensive
discussion session with HE Barbara McCormack, Vice president Newseum Institute, Washington DC and other US representatives.
Director of NTMC Brigadier General Ziaul Ahsan, Major Fahim Adnan and HE

  • 11 October 2018
  • Govt. proposes three proposals to prevent rumors to Facebook

    Facebook has made three proposals to Facebook authorities to prevent crime-prone content, including spreading rumors through Facebook Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar gave a proposal to Facebook authorities in a workshop on prevention, suppression, control, monitoring and legal action in the social media in Bangabandhu International Conference Center on Tuesday.
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    • 26 September 2018

    Meeting among the representatives of all LEAs held in NTMC

    On Thursday, 20th September, 2018, Director, NTMC and other officials had a meeting with all the law enforcing agencies and intelligence agencies of Bangladesh in the NTMC premises. In that meeting Director, NTMC exchanges view on the difficulties, modernization and future planning of NTMC with all particepents. 

    • 21 September 2018

    As a keynote speaker Director, NTMC joined Seminar on "Extremist and Fake Contents in Social media: Challenges and Way Forward"

    Awami League joint general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif on Tuesday alleged that Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami is patronising militancy to create anarchy in the county with a target to oust the government. The ruling party leader was addressing a dialogue titled "Extremism and fake content in social media: Challenges and way forward" organised by Move Foundation at a hotel in Baridhara diplomatic enclave.
    Director of National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre Brigadier General Ziaul Ahsan presented the keynote at the programme while Canadian High Commissioner Benoit Prefontaine, former Chief Information Commissioner Prof Golam Rahman, Islami Oikya Jote leader Maulana Altaf Hossain, Major General (retd) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, BNP leader Barrister Sarwar, Bhorer Kagoj Editor Shyamal Dutta, among others, attended the dialogue.  
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    • 18 September 2018

    Director General of National Security Intelligence visits NTMC

    Today on 16th Septemeber 2018 Major General TM Jobayer , honorable Director General of National Security Intelligence(NSI) has came visit national Telecommunication Monitoring Center(NTMC)  and observed activites of the NTMC. After the inspection he praised the activities of this organization and wished it's success in the future. 

    • 17 September 2018

    Coordination meeting to facilitate NTMC’s ongoing project, held between Director, NTMC, high officials of all mobile operators and AMTOB.

    • 12 September 2018

    DG, Immigration & Passports and Director came NTMC to join in a coordination meeting

    NTMC continues to work on technological innovation, giving  utmost importance to the security of the people of the country by strengthening all state law enforcement and intelligence agencies. As part of this, today on 11th September 2018, a meeting on Database integration was held between the Major General Md Masud Rezwan, director general (DG) of the Department of Immigration & Passport (DIP) and Director, National Telecommunication Monitoring Center(NTMC). 


    • 11 September 2018

    YouTube to open office in Bangladesh

    Popular video-sharing website YouTube may open its office in Bangladesh as early as in two months as the US-based company is considering the South Asian country as a new business hub.
    A delegation for YouTube, a subsidiary of search engine giant Google, is set to visit Bangladesh next week.
    The delegation will meet several people including the government ministers and private sector stakeholders to discuss its potential move to the country.
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    • 10 September 2018

    Bangabandhu-1 debuts with SAFF Championship

    Bangabandhu-1, the country’s first ever communications satellite, today made its debut with the live coverage of the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Championship 2018 on test basis.
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    • 04 September 2018

    The country's economy is heading under the leadership of Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina: Foreign Research Report

    Bangladesh's economy is moving forward optimally under the leadership of Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. 62 percent of the people think that the country is on the right track in economic growth and 69 percent of the citizens have expressed satisfaction in economic development. According to a research report of the Center for Insight and Survey of International Research Agency, 30 August. It has been said in the report that the popularity of the country's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has increased. Popular Sheikh Hasina to 66 percent of the citizens

  • 03 September 2018
  • Mobile app ‘Joy’ launched in the protection of women and children

    Joy, a mobile app on receiving emergency support to combat violence against women and children, was launched.The mobile-based Joy application software has been developed by Multi-Sectoral Programme on Violence Against Women (MSPVAW) of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs with funding and technical support from the a2i Programme in an attempt to provide immediate assistance to women and children who are already and/or are about to be victims of torture or violence. 

    • 28 August 2018

    Hon'ble PM says her government works for the betterment of people

    Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has wished everyone a happy Eid and said that her government is working for the betterment of the people of Bangladesh. The Awami League chief also instructed party activists to spread the message of the various advances that had been made in the past 9.5 years of the party’s rule.“If the people vote for us we will continue to remain in power,” she said at an Eid greetings event at the Ganabhaban on Wednesday. “If they are happy they should vote for us. If not, they shouldn’t. That is not a problem.”
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    • 22 August 2018

    Tougher social media monitoring on cards

    The government has decided to have strict monitoring of the social media, saying widespread abuse of social media platforms, especially Facebook, during the student-led protest for safer road, has forced it to take such a decision. Rumours and unsubstantiated news spread like wildfire during the eight-day protest programme. This, the government feels, fuelled the fire and created the scope for havoc. Law enforcers have arrested around 30 people for being involved in spreading rumours and propaganda through Facebook. Immediately after the protest, a government representative called on an official from Facebook and had a long meeting with him. Talking to The Independent, Mostafa Jabbar, minister for post, telecommunication and information technology, said the activities that had taken place using Facebook and YouTube during the protest were "not acceptable".

    • 11 August 2018

    BTRC to tighten call detail record rules

    In keeping with the demands of government organisations to protect state security, law and order, and corruption, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has brought changes in the focal point group relating to the call detail record (CDR) of mobile phone users. On August 28, 2016, the BTRC had taken an initiative to limit access to the call detail record (CDR) of mobile phone subscribers.
    According to the Telecommunication Act 2001 (Corrected in 2010) 97 KA clause, “In the interest of state security, government law enforcers NTMC, DGFI, NSI, RB, SB has the right to take CDR from the mobile operator if its needed was stated in the minutes of the meeting."
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    • 08 August 2018

    BTRC to take measures to close 16 Facebook accounts, groups

    The Special Branch of Police has requested the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission to take measures to close 16 Facebook accounts, pages and groups, including a popular group of quota reform activists, in the wake of student protests for safe roads.
    An SB letter issued by its special police superintendent (media analysis) SM Ainul Bari on Sunday said that a group of people were using social media site Facebook to spread anti-government rumours and baseless information to incite student protests.

    • 07 August 2018

    Govt conducts 5G trial run

    South Asia's first test run of fifth generation (5G) mobile internet took place in Dhaka yesterday when download speeds of up to 4.17 gigabits per second were experienced. Prime Minister's ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy witnessed the speed on a mobile device at “Bangladesh 5G Summit 2018” at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon in Dhaka and expressed satisfaction. Joy said Bangladesh would be one of the first countries to deploy 5G technology. “This is my promise for the next election,” he said, pointing out that the government had kept its last pre-election pledge of making 4G available. The demonstration was organised by the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology in cooperation with telecom vendor Huawei and mobile operator Robi.

    • 26 July 2018

    Bangladesh moves up on UN E-Government Development Index

    Bangladesh has moved up nine steps on the E-Governance Development Index while it progressed 33 steps on the E-Participation Index, according to the report published by the UN that assessed the development over last two years. Bangladesh secured the 115th place among 193 countries on the E-Government Development Index or EGDI scoring 0.4862 and 51st place in E-Participation or EPI with a score of 0.8034.
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    • 23 July 2018

    Want to work for people until death: Hon'ble Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said she is not ready to die before death as she will have to work for the country and its people to fulfill Bangabandhu’s dream for building a hunger- and poverty-free Sonar Bangla.‘The death will come at its own way and time, but I’m not ready to embrace it before it comes,’ she said. The Prime Minister said this while speaking at a mass reception accorded to her by Awami League at the historic Suhrawardy Udyan for some remarkable developments and achievements in different fields of the country under her leadership, reports the UNB.

    • 21 July 2018

    Law enforcement members prepared to tackle violence during national polls - Home Minister

    The home minister said terrorism may not have been completely eradicated from the country, but it is under control, with the increase of the capability of the forces. After the Holey Artisan attack, the government received enormous support from the people making it easier control the situation. Terrorists did not have strength left to conduct any big attack further, he remarked.“Our police forces have been reorganized, the NTMC [National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre] unit has been introduced, additional forces have been added with new equipment to tackle any untoward situation in the country,” he added.
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    • 17 July 2018

    If you are involved then the MPs will not be left- Home Minister (Tag- NTMC)

    • 17 July 2018

    UN chief in city to discuss Rohingya issue

    United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres arrived here early Sunday when the international community is looking for options beyond bilateral mechanism to resolve Rohingya crisis.The UN chief arrived at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport by a Qatar Airways flight (QR 638) at 2:06am on Sunday.Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali received him at the airport.
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    • 01 July 2018