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Cyber world is not beyond our surveillance, but still we're in highest alert- Brig. Gen Ziaul Ahsan

Bangladesh has warned since the horrific terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka's church and elite hotel. The highest safety preparedness of all types is given in mind. All the ranges of the police headquarters, metropolitan police and district have been sent to the special message from the police headquarters. RAB headquarters also warned all their battalions. On the other hand, a list of people who participated in so-called militant activities in Bangladesh, including Syria, could not return to the country, has been sent to all the airports, land and seaports of the country.
Brigadier General Ziaul Ahsan, director of National Telecommunication and Monitoring Center, said, "Cyber world is not beyond our surveillance. We do not want to think that someone will be able to do anything beyond our surveillance. But still. "
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Ref: Bangladesh Pratidin

  • 25 April 2019