National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre


BTRC probing conflict of interest as its official's husband opens SIM card firm

National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre or NTMC Director Brig Gen Ziaul Ahsan raised the issue at a BTRC meeting on security on Sept 7, according to the minutes of the meeting.

He said NTMC became certain through reliable sources and monitoring that some licensed companies were breaching the guideline for selling international SIM, RIM or data cards inside Bangladesh.

"It is completely illegal asper the BTRC guidelines and poses risk to state security," he added, according to the minutes of the meeting.

He also said the NTMC found that the clients of these firms were using their SIM cards inside Bangladesh, which is a violation of the law.

The authorities cannot trace the users and the calls made by these unregistered and roaming service-enabled cards, he said.

The BTRC said it had permitted Hajj pilgrims to use such cards on the basis of requisition by the religious affairs ministry.

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  • 28 August 2017