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Bilateral meeting held with Grameenphone's Chief Executive on content blocking and filtering

To attend a bilateral meeting on content blocking and filtering Grameenphone Chief Executive Michael Folly met with the director, NTMC Brigedier general Ziaul Ahsan  today on 14 November2018. 

Taking advantage of the rapid development of worldwide communication technology country's security system may be threatened due to its extreme misuse and to stop this NTMC has taken a program on Content blocking and filtering in various communication network. 

In this program, due to the active participation of the mobile operators is needed, a bilateral meeting between Grameenphone's Chief Executive and the Director, NTMC was held in the NTMC premises. 

  • 14 November 2018

Principal Secretary to HPM and other secretaries visits NTMC

  • 07 November 2018

Hon'ble Secretary of the Public Security Division of the MOHA Mostafa Kamal Uddin visits NTMC

Honorable Secretary of the Department of Public Safety, Mustafa Kamal Uddin visited NTMC today on 29th October, 2018. During the visit, he observed all the activities of NTMC and was impressed with the unprecedented development of this organization.  At that time Director, NTMC and other senior officials of the Home Ministry were present. After the inspection the Secretary appreciated NTMC's commitment and effort for the nation and wishes it's all-round success.

  • 30 October 2018

Discussion Session held with Newseum Vice president HE Barbara McCormack in the NTMC Premises

In the recent times to get political benefits there are huge amount of rumors and false information spreading in the social medias specially in the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube by a specific group of people. Due to that we've obserbved some movements were happened recently. National Telecommunication Monitoring Center(NTMC) always concern on this issue.
Keeping freedom of expression intact how to stop spreading rumours and fake contents in the social medias, NTMC arranged an extensive
discussion session with HE Barbara McCormack, Vice president Newseum Institute, Washington DC and other US representatives.
Director of NTMC Brigadier General Ziaul Ahsan, Major Fahim Adnan and HE

  • 11 October 2018
  • Meeting among the representatives of all LEAs held in NTMC

    On Thursday, 20th September, 2018, Director, NTMC and other officials had a meeting with all the law enforcing agencies and intelligence agencies of Bangladesh in the NTMC premises. In that meeting Director, NTMC exchanges view on the difficulties, modernization and future planning of NTMC with all particepents. 

    • 21 September 2018

    As a keynote speaker Director, NTMC joined Seminar on "Extremist and Fake Contents in Social media: Challenges and Way Forward"

    Awami League joint general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif on Tuesday alleged that Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami is patronising militancy to create anarchy in the county with a target to oust the government. The ruling party leader was addressing a dialogue titled "Extremism and fake content in social media: Challenges and way forward" organised by Move Foundation at a hotel in Baridhara diplomatic enclave.
    Director of National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre Brigadier General Ziaul Ahsan presented the keynote at the programme while Canadian High Commissioner Benoit Prefontaine, former Chief Information Commissioner Prof Golam Rahman, Islami Oikya Jote leader Maulana Altaf Hossain, Major General (retd) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, BNP leader Barrister Sarwar, Bhorer Kagoj Editor Shyamal Dutta, among others, attended the dialogue.  
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    • 18 September 2018

    Director General of National Security Intelligence visits NTMC

    Today on 16th Septemeber 2018 Major General TM Jobayer , honorable Director General of National Security Intelligence(NSI) has came visit national Telecommunication Monitoring Center(NTMC)  and observed activites of the NTMC. After the inspection he praised the activities of this organization and wished it's success in the future. 

    • 17 September 2018

    Coordination meeting to facilitate NTMC’s ongoing project, held between Director, NTMC, high officials of all mobile operators and AMTOB.

    • 12 September 2018

    DG, Immigration & Passports and Director came NTMC to join in a coordination meeting

    NTMC continues to work on technological innovation, giving  utmost importance to the security of the people of the country by strengthening all state law enforcement and intelligence agencies. As part of this, today on 11th September 2018, a meeting on Database integration was held between the Major General Md Masud Rezwan, director general (DG) of the Department of Immigration & Passport (DIP) and Director, National Telecommunication Monitoring Center(NTMC). 


    • 11 September 2018

    YouTube to open office in Bangladesh

    Popular video-sharing website YouTube may open its office in Bangladesh as early as in two months as the US-based company is considering the South Asian country as a new business hub.
    A delegation for YouTube, a subsidiary of search engine giant Google, is set to visit Bangladesh next week.
    The delegation will meet several people including the government ministers and private sector stakeholders to discuss its potential move to the country.
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    • 10 September 2018

    Tougher social media monitoring on cards

    The government has decided to have strict monitoring of the social media, saying widespread abuse of social media platforms, especially Facebook, during the student-led protest for safer road, has forced it to take such a decision. Rumours and unsubstantiated news spread like wildfire during the eight-day protest programme. This, the government feels, fuelled the fire and created the scope for havoc. Law enforcers have arrested around 30 people for being involved in spreading rumours and propaganda through Facebook. Immediately after the protest, a government representative called on an official from Facebook and had a long meeting with him. Talking to The Independent, Mostafa Jabbar, minister for post, telecommunication and information technology, said the activities that had taken place using Facebook and YouTube during the protest were "not acceptable".

    • 11 August 2018

    BTRC to tighten call detail record rules

    In keeping with the demands of government organisations to protect state security, law and order, and corruption, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has brought changes in the focal point group relating to the call detail record (CDR) of mobile phone users. On August 28, 2016, the BTRC had taken an initiative to limit access to the call detail record (CDR) of mobile phone subscribers.
    According to the Telecommunication Act 2001 (Corrected in 2010) 97 KA clause, “In the interest of state security, government law enforcers NTMC, DGFI, NSI, RB, SB has the right to take CDR from the mobile operator if its needed was stated in the minutes of the meeting."
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    • 08 August 2018

    Law enforcement members prepared to tackle violence during national polls - Home Minister

    The home minister said terrorism may not have been completely eradicated from the country, but it is under control, with the increase of the capability of the forces. After the Holey Artisan attack, the government received enormous support from the people making it easier control the situation. Terrorists did not have strength left to conduct any big attack further, he remarked.“Our police forces have been reorganized, the NTMC [National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre] unit has been introduced, additional forces have been added with new equipment to tackle any untoward situation in the country,” he added.
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    • 17 July 2018

    If you are involved then the MPs will not be left- Home Minister (Tag- NTMC)

    • 17 July 2018

    Annual Performance Agreement signed by Director, NTMC & Senior secretary,MOHA

    Annual Performance Agreement, Public Administration Secretary Mustafa Kamal Uddin signed the Annual Performance Agreement (APA) with the top officials of Bangladesh Police, Coast Guard, Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB), Ansar and National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC). After the signing of the agreement, the Home Minister said, "The program of what we should do to implement the government's mission-visions is here." They will work accordingly. '
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    • 25 June 2018

    Social media to come under surveillance by NTMC

    The government will purchase modern equipment for the National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre (NTMC) to step up mobile phone, email and social network surveillance. The cabinet committee on purchase chaired by Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu yesterday approved the home ministry proposal that would cost Tk 236 crore.More modern equipment is required to assume more control over obstructing or recording users' telephonic or online communications so that intelligence activities could be conducted more smoothly, said a home ministry official.
    According to the proposal, the NTMC, which has been working under the home ministry since February 2014, conducts Lawful Interception (LI) to help intelligence and law enforcement agencies ensure state security.
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    • 11 June 2018

    ACC will conduct mobile tracking activities with the help of NTMC

    In connection with the investigation of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), often the Scientific Intellectual Instrument or Device is seized as evidence. But due to their forensic labs, no data can be disclosed by analyzing these instrons or devices. As a result, the accused accused in many important cases could get away. Due to this, the ACC demanded the establishment of its own forensic lab.Besides, it has proposed to introduce its own mobile phone tracking system in a small scale. Recently, the ACC delegation presented the demand at a project evaluation committee (PEC) meeting on strengthening the Anti-Corruption Commission held in Planning Commission. 
    At the time, the ACC representative said, like other organizations, ACC will conduct mobile tracking activities with the help of the National Ministry of Home Affairs, National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC). Besides, there is a need to set up separate mobile tracking system of ACC.
    (Tag: NTMC)
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    • 24 May 2018

    IMEI database in 3 months

    Finding out whether a mobile handset is original or not is a challenge for a buyer in Bangladesh, as there is no valid database of mobile devices in the country. But the wait could soon be over, as Bangladesh Mobile Phone Importers Association has got go-ahead to establish an IMEI database, which would help cut the use of illegal handsets, combat crimes and boost government revenues. The association will set up the international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) database of all imported handsets in three months.
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    • 07 May 2018

    ACC begins tapping officers’ phone

    The Anti-Corruption Commission has just begun tapping phones of its own officials to stop what it says unethical dealings between them and corruption suspects.
    On March 27, this practice began as an experimental tactics after getting evidences that an ACC investigator took Tk nine lakh from a corruption suspect for not pressing any charge against him, an ACC director general told New Age.
    He said that the tactics was introduced with clearance from the National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre and the home ministry,
    The ACC would take action against the investigator in the next week, he said.
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    • 20 April 2018

    Hacked government website started to be active

    Different websites of hacking victims started to be active. From the morning on Wednesday (April 11th) the Prime Minister's Office website, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Education Ministry, Bangabhaban, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Communications has entered the web site.Since Tuesday (April 10th) at night, there was no going to enter these sites.
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    • 11 April 2018

    The initiative to create the continental internet highway

    Bangladesh has proposed to build an inter-state Internet infrastructure or Internet highway by holding the Asian Highway. This internet highway is named as Asia-Pacific Information Super Highway (APIS). The proposed Internet Highway connects 32 countries of the Asia-Pacific region through underground optical fiber cable. Its length is equal to the Asian highway, which is 1,45,000 kilometers. The length of this highway in Bangladesh will be 1,768 kilometers.
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    • 08 April 2018

    Police to boost cyber monitoring to curb militancy

    IT experts say it is imperative to boost cyber monitoring to curb militant activities and other crimes. Police officials responsible for curbing militancy also stressed the need to give priority to patrolling the cyber world rather than physical patrolling. Officials at Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit emphasized enhancing technical support along with increasing manpower to contain cyber crimes. A CTTC official said currently militants are not capable of carrying out sabotage acts on a major scale. They cannot mobilize very well but they are trying to collect members.
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    • 05 April 2018

    BTRC has taken action to stop the 'Blue Whale Games'

    Today, the report presented in the court said that in the context of the High Court directive, the name of many harmful online games, apps and websites, to stop online games, all BTRC licensed international internet gateways (IIGs) and mobile phone operators have been instructed. All promotional internet offers have been asked to be closed from 12am to 6am. 
    Moreover, in the future, the presence of such harmful online games, BTRC will run the necessary campaign to increase the awareness of the guardians about this. BTRC will work jointly with the National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC) and law enforcement agencies for collecting and monitoring information related to harmful online games. 
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    • 05 April 2018

    Bangladesh, Russia to form joint working group on cyber security

    Bangladesh and Russia reached a consensus on forming a joint working group on cyber security as state minister for Information and Communication Technology Division Zunaid Ahmed Palak Wednesday night held a bilateral meeting with Russian communications and mass media minister Nikolai Nikiforov in Moscow. 
    According to the ICT division sources, Palak at the meeting sought Russian help in ensuring cyber security in Bangladesh, saying, ‘Bangladesh has done wonders in the field of ICT in the last nine years as the area of digital activities has expanded hundredfolds. This has also increased the risk of cyber threat and we want to achieve world class ability in tackling such threats with the help from friendly nations like Russia.’
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    • 16 March 2018

    Honorable President, PM mournsUS-Bangla crash

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, now in Singapore on a four-day state visit, expressed deep shock and sorrow at the casualties in the US-Bangla Airlines plane crash in Nepal on Monday. Her Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim said the prime minister is keeping an eye on the matter as it develops.The press secretary conveyed the prime minister’s profound sympathy to their family members.She also prayed for the swift recovery of the injured. President Abdul Hamid also expressed his profound shock at the deaths in the plane crash, according to BSS.

    • 12 March 2018

    BTRC to block 30 lakh SIMs for breaching rules

    The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission is set to block 30 lakh SIMs without any prior notice as their owners had registered more than 15 SIMs against one national card. At present, one national ID card can have at most 15 mobile connections on it. Earlier on December 31, 2017 the government gave a two-month timeframe for subscribers to deactivate their excess SIM cards.

    “But the response was low,” said a top official of the telecom division related with the process. The BTRC used its main server, where all the mobile operators are connected, to detect that about five lakh NID cards had registered more than 15 SIM cards each.Now, violators will have their SIM cards blocked at random without getting any prior notice, said the official.
    The SIM blocking process will start soon, he said, adding that state-owned Teletalk might be spared.

    • 02 March 2018

    Tk 5 lakh reward to capture question leak mastermind

    Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid announced Tk 5 lakh reward for helping government to capture anyone who is involved in the SSC question paper leaks through social media or any other means.  

    The minister made the announcement after an urgent meeting with National monitoring committee and law enforcing agencies at secretariat on Sunday afternoon (February 4).

    The Education Ministry convened the meeting with representatives of other important divisions of the government to prevent question paper leakage in the ongoing SSC and equivalent examinations. Top level government officials and two divisional secretaries of the Education Ministry are participating in the meeting. Moreover, representatives of Public Administration Ministry, Cabinet division, Home Ministry, Information Ministry, ICT division, Police, RAB and intelligence agency were also called to join the meeting. BRTC chairman and National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC) director were also summoned in the meeting.

    • 04 February 2018

    Letters to BTRC to prevent international SIM sales irregularity

    Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has licensed multiple companies to sell international SIM, RIM and data cards to customers for use outside the country. But violating the policy, they are being sold in the country, causing fear of security risk. The National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC), under the Ministry of Home Affairs, has written a letter to the BTRC to take action.


    It has been said in the letter that due to the abuse of information technology in recent years, due to militancy and terrorist activities, protection of law and order and terrorism is becoming challenging. NTMC has confirmed through various sources and surveillance that some licensed companies are selling international SIM, RIM and data cards within the country by breaking the BTRC policy. It is illegal to create risk for state security.

    Secretary of the Department of Public Security Mostafa Kamal Uddin told the trader that there is no scope for selling these SIMs inside the country. The BTRC has been informed to take necessary steps in this regard.

    It is learned that in the country, militants, terrorists, and sometimes infiltrators ar ...

    • 26 December 2017

    BTRC probing conflict of interest as its official's husband opens SIM card firm

    National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre or NTMC Director Brig Gen Ziaul Ahsan raised the issue at a BTRC meeting on security on Sept 7, according to the minutes of the meeting.

    He said NTMC became certain through reliable sources and monitoring that some licensed companies were breaching the guideline for selling international SIM, RIM or data cards inside Bangladesh.

    "It is completely illegal asper the BTRC guidelines and poses risk to state security," he added, according to the minutes of the meeting.

    He also said the NTMC found that the clients of these firms were using their SIM cards inside Bangladesh, which is a violation of the law.

    The authorities cannot trace the users and the calls made by these unregistered and roaming service-enabled cards, he said.

    The BTRC said it had permitted Hajj pilgrims to use such cards on the basis of requisition by the religious affairs ministry.

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    • 28 August 2017

    Bangladesh government to arm phone-tapping agency with new tools, staffing

    Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has said a project has been undertaken to strengthen the capacity of the National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre to intercept the criminal activities on the internet.
    The NTMC is responsible for eavesdropping on telephone and internet surveillance.
    “Modern equipment and skilled manpower are needed to face the menace of criminal activities on the web,” Kamal told the parliament in response to a question from a ruling Awami League member Bazlul Huq Harun on Wednesday.
    “By modernising the monitoring centre, we would be able to gather more information about the militants. And the law enforcers would be able to combat the militants more efficiently using that information,” he said.
    Article 43 of the Constitution gives the citizen the right to privacy and securing personal information. The Right to Information Act also acknowledges that as well. But, for the sake of national security, the government agency is given power to eavesdrop on persons of interest.

    Details: ...

    • 28 June 2017

    Govt to procure Vehicle Mounted Data Interceptor to check militancy

    The National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre (NTMC) is mulling over procuring a “Vehicle Mounted Data Interceptor” to help stop militancy and control expression of “undesirable” views. 
    The officials of Public Safety Division under the Home Ministry said they would place a procurement proposal at the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs today for its approval.

    They said the equipment would capacity of the NTMC that has been working under the ministry since 2014.

    According to the proposal, the NTMC has been conducting “lawful” interceptions to assist intelligence and law enforcement agencies in ensuring national security.

    • 26 April 2017

    Cyber Threat Detection, Response: Govt to install tools for constant watch

    The government is going to install internet monitoring equipment by May next year to help combat militancy amid growing concerns about extremists using the internet to spread their propaganda and communicate amongst themselves.

    The equipment, to be installed under a project, would also help clamp down on cyber threats and crimes, and enforce the ban on pornography. It would enable law enforcers monitor internet activities of people round-the-clock.

    The project titled “Cyber Threat Detection and Response” was approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) meeting yesterday.

    Under the project, Tk 150 crore would be spent. Internet monitoring equipment, like deep packet inspection (DPI) machines, would be bought to create a network for tackling cyber threats, said officials related to the project.


    • 29 March 2017

    Brig Gen Ziaul Ahsan made NTMC director

    Former additional dir-ector general of RAB Brig Gen Ziaul Ahsan has been transferred as the director of National Telecomm-unication Monitoring Center (NTMC).

     He is currently discharging his duties as the director of National Security Intelli-gence (NSI). This transfer order was issued through a notification from deputation section-1 of the Public Administration Ministry yesterday. 

    Brig Gen Ziaul Ahsan said that he has got the transfer order. He will join his new workplace on Sunday next. Ziaul Ahsan served long in the elite for RAB where he joined as the deputy captain on March 5, 2009. 

    On August 27 of the same year, he promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and became the director of RAB's intelligence wing. He performed his duties as the additional director general of RAB till December 2013.

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    • 03 March 2017

    Home ministry divided into two divisions

    To bring dynamism in the ministry activities, the Ministry of Home Affairs yesterday was divided into two divisions - Public Safety Division and Security Services Division. A gazette notification issued by Cabinet Division in this regard came to effect from this morning. Under the Public Safety Division, there will be politics and ICT, police, ansar and border, law and order, administration and finance, and development departments. The Security Services Division will have security and national telecom monitoring centre, fire and narcotics, law and order, immigration, prison and coordination, administration and finance, and development departments. According to the ministry’s organogramme, a total of 460 posts-260 for the Security Service Division and 200 for the Public Security Division-have been created The circular issued by the Cabinet Division said that the prime minister has restructured the ministry in line with the Rules of Business.
    The Home Ministry earlier had eight large department-Bangladesh Police, BGB, Department of Narcotics and Control, Department of Immigration and Passports, Bangladesh Coast Guard, Ansar and VDP, Department of Fire Service and Civil ...

    • 19 January 2017

    Govt blocks over 500 porn sites

    The government has started an initiative to block several hundred pornography websites and already sent a list of more than 500 sites, mostly locally hosted, to internet providers.

    The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission on Monday evening sent the list to all the mobile phone operators, international gateway operators, international internet gateway operators, interconnection exchange operators, internet service providers and other telecom service providers to block the domains from their respective networks.

    After receiving the list the operators have started to comply with the directive. However, a few of the websites could not be blocked immediately due to technical challenges, said BTRC officials.

    The government actually wants to create massive awareness about the issue and as much hurdle as possible in browsing those sites, said Tarana Halim, state minister for post and telecommunications division, over phone yesterday.

    “Initially we have decided to block around 500 websites that contain pornography, obscene pictures and video contents. In the first phase we will go for blocking the locally hosted sites,” added Tara ...

    • 28 December 2016

    Govt to prepare database on pornography websites

    The posts and telecommunications division (PTD) has taken a move to prepare a database of the websites spreading “pornography” and “objectionable contents” in cyber space, said officials. To this end, it has formed a committee, headed by a director general of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), which would also prepare a set of recommendation to thwart any ill motive in the cyber space, they added.
    Talking to The Independent, PTD Secretary M Faizur Rahman Chowdhury yesterday evening said the committee had been assigned to make a list of websites spreading pornography and objectionable contents in cyber space. “The committee has also been asked to submit technical proposal and recommendation to deal with the issue,” he added. PTD official said representatives of PTD, information ministry, national telecommunication monitoring centre (NTMC), internet service providers, mobile phone operators and law enforcement agencies had also been included in the committee. The committee has been asked to submit its report to the PTD within seven days, added the official. A meeting on “Objectionable Contents in Internet&rdquo ...

    • 28 November 2016

    The new plan is to prevent militant law enforcement agencies

    Law enforcers including the police are going to the field in the new year to face terrorism and militancy. For this reason a new unit named 'Counter Terrorism and Trans-National Crime' has also been formed. At the same time, the government will also work on modernization of National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC). The task of law enforcement forces is easy to combat technological terrorist groups and militants. These sources are known in the relevant sources.According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, some alterations in the collusion of international militant and terrorist organizations have been trying to create unstable conditions inside the country. Recently, they are also seen. In addition to the killing of foreigners, police, writers and free writers in the year, the attack also led religious places. Several initiatives have been taken by the Home Ministry to make the law enforcement agencies work more dynamic in the new year to combat those abuses.
    Among these initiatives, the formation of Counter T ...

    • 01 January 2016

    Short code to be introduced for SIM information verification

    Mobile phone operators would be seeking information from users who have registered their SIMs before 2012, as part of the government move to  rid users with fake registrations. 

    They would be sent SMSs asking them for their names, national ID numbers and birth date. The responses would be verified against the National ID database.

    State Minister for Telecoms Tarana Halim said the decision behind the step was because most operators did not have ‘correct’ information about users, who registered their SIMs before the year. 

    She was briefing journalists after a two-and-a-half-hour meeting with chief executives of the operators and  EC’s NID Wing, NTMC and BTRC officials.

    • 22 September 2015

    Large amount of investment in mobile phone surveillance

    • 25 February 2015

    Landfone surveillance (Tag: NTMC)

    The government is going to bring the conversation of mobile phone subscribers to mobile phones. Legislature and law enforcement force could only legally monitor and record mobile phone calls. If the new initiative is implemented, then the four existing landline customers including BTCL will also be able to review call records.For this, the BTRS and operators of the telephonic service providers to bring the PSTN operators under LI or FULL interceptions. The letter has been sent by the National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting is going to be held very soon, sources said. Senior Home Secretary Mohammad Mozammel Haque Khan told Samkal that initiatives have been taken to bring PSTN operators under Lai to stop criminal activities through landfalls. NTMC is working in this regard. But the matter is still under process.(Tag: NTMC) 

    • 05 February 2015

    Violent incidents and cybercrime prevention / increase in telephone calls

    Telephone campaign has been strengthened to prevent cybercrime, counter-insurgency and various criminal activities. Under this, militant activities and violent political activities prevailing in the country are also being monitored by law enforcing agencies and detectives. Besides, RAB, police arrested criminals almost every day on the telephone. National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC) has already been formed in order to succeed in this activity. As a result, it is possible to record all the telephone subscribers' conversations, voice and data. But it will be preserved for a specific time. 
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    • 04 September 2013

    NTMC project 55 crore taka is demanded by an influential intelligence agency

    The government has demanded Tk 55 crore from telecommunications operators for the National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NMC) project, an official intelligence agency official said. A letter was sent by the intelligence agency to various telecommunications gateways and landline operators. It is also mentioned in the payment of the payment by January 10. BTRC officially received a copy of the letter sent to the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (BTRC), but it did not receive it officially.
    Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Chairman Sunil Kanti Bose said that no such letter was received directly by the intelligence agency. But some of the operators have met their letters.
    When he told the chairman about the contents of the letter, he wondered. Sunil Kanti said, "I do not know much about this. In this regard, the matter must be finalized wi ...

    • 21 January 2013

    Formation of National Telecommunication Monitoring Center (NTMC) through 45-member team on the phone

    • 14 August 2011

    The Ministry of Home Affairs will control the phone monitoring

    The Ministry of Home Affairs will now control the issue of mobile phones for the sake of state and public security. So much so that it was under the control of Directorate General of Defense Intelligence (DGFI). Government sources say that the detectives are not able to know the cell phone itself, the home ministry has previously been able to know. That's why the Ministry of Control of the six mobile companies and all other phones in future will have full control over the Ministry. 
    Asked, Joint Secretary (Political) of Ministry of Home Affairs Kamal Uddin Ahmed said in the light of the law that the arrangement of monitoring and monitoring of the phones will now be under the control of the Home Minister and the Minister. Intelligence agencies controlled so much time. 
    (Tag: NTMC)
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    • 20 April 2010